Coalition of Low-Wage and Immigrant Worker Advocates (CLIWA)

CLIWA is a statewide coalition of worker centers, legal services programs, community based organizations, and workers rights clinics who partner with low-wage and immigrant workers to enforce workers’ rights to fair pay, safe working conditions, and the right to work without discrimination or harassment. We strive to achieve economic justice for all low-wage workers and believe in the strong enforcement of labor laws and that government agencies should be accountable and accessible to all workers.

CLIWA is made up of individuals who work with not-for-profit organizations that are CLIWA members. To be a CLIWA member, the organization must be a nonprofit engaged in organizing or advocating for workers’ rights. Private attorneys, employer representatives, union staff, and employees of government or partisan political organizations are not allowed to participate in CLIWA. CLIWA is made up mostly of people who are organizers, lawyers, paralegals, worker leaders and legislative advocates. CLIWA has no paid staff and no funding. There are rotating leadership positions, such as a coordinating committee, a meeting facilitator, and a note-taker. There are also different committees in CLIWA that work on specific issues or areas such as worker centers, Labor Commissioner agency reform, legislation, litigation ,and collection of unpaid wages.


Mission Statement

CLIWA’s goals are to:

• Increase compliance with the law in low-wage industries

• Increased resources for and more effective enforcement of labor protections;

• Ensuring that government agencies do their jobs;

• Improving the laws for low-wage workers; and

• Building worker power in the workplace and in the larger society.

• Develop and support worker leadership and power and on-the-ground, worker-led campaigns;

• Help CLIWA members to be more effective advocates for workers and also more effective partners and allies to workers;

• Hold employers responsible for their labor practices and those of their subcontractors; and,

• Work towards a fundamentally more just society determined by workers’ voices.