Connecting Spirituality and Activism

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Longtime labor and immigration rights activist Victor Narro
believes it’s time to bring spirituality into social justice work. To that
end, his book Living Peace provokes dialogue for the sharing and
integration of spirituality among those working for peace and justice.

Narro reveals how the life and teachings of St. Francis of Assisi
shape his work, teaching him the way of peace, love, and service, and how
through interaction with other activists, his Franciscan spirituality has
also been enriched by that of others, such as Vietnamese Zen master Thich
Nhat Hanh. As he shares his reflections on various ways spirituality can
nourish social activism, Narro invites readers to contemplate and then
express what’s inside their own hearts as they awaken to the power of
shared spirituality as a force for social justice.

The book’s simple, elegant structure presents each reflection
along with several questions and the space to write responses. Each book
will become a personal spiritual tool for activists, providing guidance
that can make the struggle for justice more compassionate, more
fulfilling, and healthier for everyone.

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